Welcome to the Healing the Eight Stages of Life (HESL) Ministries


A society of people moving from woundedness to wellness and wholeness, in a journey rooted in the Healing the Eight stages of Life (HESL) framework.


We are a group of pastoral counselors who are committed to continuously develop and offer programs and services that aim to bring participants to:

  • A heightened psychological awareness of the effects of childhood hurts on behavior patterns.
  • A holistic inner healing experience and insights into life’s deeper meaning.
  • A path to healthy adult maturing that will empower them to transform their personal lives and relationships.
  • An expanded social awareness expressed in generative caring and service in their respective communities and areas of involvement.


All HESL workshops follow a psycho-spiritual approach which uses:

  • Psychology – to examine and understand how we became what we are and
  • Spirituality – to understand who and what God meant us to be.


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